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Lairdside Laser
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Flexible Training & Technology Transfer Projects

..technical advice, mini-projects and practical training in laser engineering
to suit the needs of industry

7-axis robot for use with Nd:YAG
lasers via optical fibre beam delivery

5-axis portal laser processing gantry

The LLEC can provideunrivalled facilities in the UK for technology transfer to industry. In addition to the ability to provide training to company personnel in the use of laser systems and laser processes of interest, the Centre is geared to assist companies in the many stages associated with implementing laser-based solutions

Facilities available at the LLEC include:

  • Dedicated support groups specialising in particular areas of laser processing
  • Technical advice on laser systems and processes, including applications development
  • Large database of contacts within the laser and associated industries, suppliers, laser job shops etc.
  • 'Bespoke' training in specialised fields
  • Feasibility studies taking processes from concept to the shop floor including projected cost of implementing laser-based methods
  • Conference facilities
  • On-site 'incubators' for fledgling laser related companies

From initial interest to final implementation, Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre can help to find the best way to improve your product or process

If you would like further information on any aspect of laser processing, please contact the Centre.


Laser marking system (self-contained)
using 25W CO2 laser