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Newsletter from the Centre

New partnership to develop laser engineering in Northwest
20 September 2005:

A new strategic alliance between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester aims to position the Northwest as the leading region for laser engineering.

Ancient Iraqi harp reproduced by Liverpool engineers
(July 2005)
A team of engineers at the Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre (LLEC) employed revolutionary laser technology to engrave authentic designs onto Gulf Shell (mother of pearl) – the original material used to decorate the body of the harp.  


The Laser Initiative


This is where the “The Laser Initiative” can help…
at least when it comes to finding out how laser processing may improve your production methods, enabling novel product design, cost effective manufacture and production agility. The Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre has recently won European and Regional funding for “The Laser Initiative” to help local companies assess whether laser technology can help to increase the size and profitability of their business.

Can your company benefit from this Initiative? We think so! “The Laser Initiative” is fully funded and does not require a cash contribution from any participating company.

That is why we would like to invite Merseyside SME's to participate... small companies have successfully used lasers to...

  • Penetrate a new market sector, by reducing time to market from 6 months to less than 1 week. -
  • Significantly reduced production reject rates Not only did the cost savings pay for the investment, life got easier when the end customer received good parts every time. -
  • Enhanced the design and performance of their product… laser processing enabled optimised designs that cannot be manufactured using traditional techniques.

Most importantly, participation in “The Laser Initiative” can provide companies with a ‘no cost, no risk’ route to evaluating whether laser processing can improve your specific manufacturing processes by participating in a ‘pick and mix’ program of:

  • Awareness seminars to understand the capabilities of laser processes and review typical applications.
  • Manufacturing Assessments: assessment of your production methods, product designs and market opportunities
  • Feasibility studies, together with an analysis of process costs, cost-of-ownership and return on investment calculations

In the event that a promising opportunity is identified, “The Laser Initiative” can continue to provide practical assistance with: prototyping, producing a business plan, supplier assessments etc., as well as providing process training and ongoing process support during the critical start-up phase.