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State-of-the-art Industrial Laser Facilities

..a suite of industrial laser types integrated with multi-axis processing stations and CAD/CAM interfaces provide for near-market R&D, technology demonstration and training

Large-area 5-axis laser processing system, specially configured to operate with either a 3.5kW CO2 or a 4kW Nd:YAG laser

  • Industrial CO2 lasers with up to 3.5kW beam powers & 6-axes manipulation
  • Industrial Nd:YAG lasers from 500W to 4kW beam power & 7-axes manipulation
  • 5-axis portal laser processing gantry, using either the 3.5kW CO2 laser or the 4kW Nd:YAG laser (via optical fibre beam delivery)
  • 7-axis robot for use with Nd:YAG lasers, via optical fibre beam delivery
  • 6-axis manipulation system for small volume parts using a fixed laser beam
  • Direct Laser Fabrication facilities for building functional prototypes in a controlled atmosphere
  • CAD/CAM suite linked to laser equipment, allowing off-line design capability and reduced part programming time
  • Laser marking system (self-contained) using 25W CO2 laser
  • Lower power CO2 lasers with very high beam quality
  • Anaerobic chamber with incorporated Nd:YAG laser for processing of reactive metals

R&D time on the laser equipment for industry can be provided through a range of project types, from single client contracts at commericial rates, to larger multi-client consortia for cost-effective use of services in areas of common interest.
In addition, the LLEC can assist companies to apply for grant assistance towards development projects

Through the strong links that LLEC has with the University of Liverpool, the centre can arrange to use advanced measurement including electron microscopes, hardness testing, metallographic analysis and more. This means that the resources available to Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre are amongst the most comprehensive available to UK and European industry