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Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre

... a major resource for industry

The Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre bridges the gap betwwen research concept and shop-floor production, allowing UK businesses unrivalled access to expertise, equipment and training in the field of laser material processing.

The Centre's ability to transfer processes from laboratory experiment to robust industrial method is a valuable new resource for manufacturing industry

If you would like further information on any aspect of laser processing, please contact the Centre.

Our contact details are:

Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre,
Campbeltown Road,
United Kingdom
CH41 9HP

UK: 0151 650 2305
International: +44 151 650 2305

UK: 0151 650 2304
International: +44 151 650 2304


At the LLEC we can provide support for all sizes of business, from 'fledgling' companies up to multinationals. Our support facilities include incubation space on-site and range to the proposed creation of a 'laser cluster' of several laser-based companies, providing a central hub for laser processing in the UK.

The personnel base at LLEC successfully combines industrial manufacturing experience with advanced research capabilities.This allows us to employ the latest techniques and devise new processes while ensuring that they fit into the framework of real world industry.
Our additional experience in liasion with governmental and European bodies can also be available to yuor company. From grant funding to environmental compliance, LLEC has the ability to help

The purpose of the Centre is to assist industry whenever laser processing may complement or improve a company's manufacturing potential. By helping companies to realise the potential of lasers in the workplace, we aim to improve the competitiveness ans success of UK industry in both national and international markets.